Kroger Project Infinity – Monroe, OH

For months, company officials and industry observers have been calling the project a game changer for Kroger. Serving Kroger customers in the Cincinnati and Dayton area, the 400-employee facility is expected to open in 2021. This $55 million investment will use technology that has never been installed in the U.S.

 “In one of these facilities we’ll be able to assemble a 50-item grocery order in under six minutes with 100 percent accuracy. That will be the point of difference.” -Luke Jenson, CEO of Ocado Solutions. The 335,000-square-foot warehouse will use “machine learning” to find the fastest path to the item you order.

Jigsaw Solutions is eager to work with Volpenhein Brothers Electric and Ryan Construction to coordinate the electrical installation on this “first-of-its-kind” Kroger project utilizing Building Information Modeling (BIM). 

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