“The Jigsaw team were great to work with. They were able to step in and help out on a project when we were overloaded. They were professional and responded quickly to emails and questions by my team.”

Project: Bellin Health Surgery Center

Nathan Peterson

“I worked with Jeremy Holland at Jigsaw on a large, complicated hospital near Green Bay, WI and was very pleased with his and Jigsaw’s overall effort. As a general contractor or CM, I would be thrilled to work with them again in the future and would recommend any electrical contractor to use them for their BIM services.”

Project: Bellin Health Surgery Center

Jay Mathes

“I have worked on two projects with the Jigsaw team and was very impressed with their knowledge and professionalism. They performed at a high level and came to meetings with innovative solutions that only come through years of expertise. Working for a construction manager, Jigsaw Solutions is my first recommendation to any subcontractor in search of modeling needs.”

Michael Lauer

After my first project with Jigsaw I was delighted to see their name show again the next time. Their excellence in the BIM/Modeling/Coordination world is surpassed only by their acute knowledge of the systems they are modeling.

Andrew Urig

Settle Muter Electric and I would like to give a big shout out to the entire Jigsaw Solutions team. We recently coordinated a high profile project together. The project was challenging throughout the coordination phase, and your hard work paid off. Very professional and understanding of fine tuned detail. Thanks so much, and we at SME look forward to working with your team in the future.


John Warga

This was my first time working with Jigsaw Solutions. We were working together on a large project for a nationally known business. I was doing BIM for mechanical and Jigsaw for electrical. There is always a little anxiety when working with an unknown partner. That was quickly put aside because Jeremy from Jigsaw was great to work with. He was responsive to clash resolutions and very professional. I get many calls for electrical BIM work and I will refer to Jigsaw.


Doug Riddell

I have worked with the Jigsaw team on a couple of projects and have always been very happy with their performance.


Steve Courtney

A few phone calls and a “wish” list and Jeremy took it from there. If there were questions he would call, other than that Jeremy was very understanding of the process and the needs of our trade during the coordination meetings. Definitely would recommend for use.

Project: Galen College of Nursing

Jeremy Truax

Jigsaw Solutions LLC was a great partner during our coordination effort for the Galen College of Nursing new corporate building in Louisville. He solved many coordination clashes with other systems effectively. I would recommend Jigsaw Solutions LLC for all your MEP coordination projects.

Project: Galen College of Nursing

Darrell Firestine

We worked with Jigsaw Solutions on the new Galen College of Nursing in Louisville, KY. I must say that Jeremy Holland did an outstanding job coordinating the electrical systems for them. As the BIM Coordinator, I found Jeremy to be cooperative, collaborative, and innovative, three traits that make a challenging project fun to work on. We had fun with this one! I look forward to working with Jeremy and Jigsaw Solutions in the near future.

 Project: Galen College of Nursing

John Haymond

I have worked with Jigsaw Solutions on a couple of projects now and it is always a pleasure to see their name before our first scope of work meeting. I have full trust with Jigsaw Solutions ability to work as a team, and figure out the solutions to tough situations within coordination. We just finished up the Court and Walnut project, an 18-story building. We had very little electrical issues within the project because of the prep time Jigsaw Solutions put in before the process of coordination began. Can’t wait to work with them on the next one!

Project: Court & Walnut Mixed-Use Tower

Daniel Ray

We teamed up with Jigsaw Solutions on a large warehouse and office project in Monroe, they were absolutely fantastic to work with.
From the very beginning they took the lead on the coordination effort with the other trades, constantly communicating any issues and pushing for resolution. The Ryan Companies lead project manager was very impressed by Jigsaw (Jeremy) and has made the recommendation to use them on a similar facility being built in Atlanta. Thank you Jeremy and the Jigsaw team for the excellent work on the project and we look forward to teaming up again in the near future.

Project: Kroger Infinity 

Curtis Volpenhein

Jigsaw is the best BIM company I have every worked with. As a General Contractor, this is a huge asset to our success. We have our own staff in house but having a professional company modeling on behalf of our subcontractors is essential. If I could hire Jigsaw to be part our company, I would. Highly Recommended, 5 stars is not enough!

Project: Kroger Infinity 

Adam Zarek

Great company to work with. Very knowledgeable on what they do. Help my company out with 3d modeling. Will definitely recommend them to all my contacts. Thanks for the great job!

Project: Kroger Infinity 

Dan Ebel

Jeremy, worked for one of our subcontractors on a project in OH. Jeremy did a fantastic job and produced everything above expectation in a timely manor. thanks for all the help Jeremy.

Project: Kroger Infinity 

Alan Sheehan

J. Harter Consulting enjoyed the experience of coordinating the Duke Energy Job with Jigsaw and their team. Hope to work with you guys in the near future.. Thanks again

Project: Duke Energy OPS

Josh Harter
J. Harter Consulting

The modeling of the electrical scope of a building requires a special kind of attention to achieve a level of detail beyond what a design team provides. I was quite pleased with the BIM electrical scope of a large and quite complex project that Jeremy modeled and coordinated the electrical power and lighting scopes. It included everything from industrial R&D (that were quite extensive) to office spaces.


William Rabe

Every employee at Jigsaw is a pleasure to work with. They are proactive in the coordination process and propose a solution to every problem they encounter. This group is incredible and I can’t wait to work with them in the future.

Project: U.S. Bank Tower

Kristin McArthur

I’ve worked with this group multiple times and they’re always easy to work with. I’m certain we will work with them again in the future.

Project: Duke Energy OPS

Christian Kline

Great working with this group. Made a complicated MEP project seem easy to get through coordination. Look forward to the next one.

Project: Cincinnati Zoo – Roo Valley

JD Barnes

I have had a fantastic experience with the Jigsaw team! Jeremy has been instrumental in the success of our current BIM effort. He has taken great care to make sure all the bases were covered. I am new to this process and they still made it easy and educational. I look forward to working with them in the future.

Project: Norton Audubon Hospital

Joseph Mowery

Jigsaw Solutions has been a pleasure to work with on the Historical Fayette County Courthouse down in Lexington, KY. Working for Messer Construction as a Virtual Construction Engineer, it’s nice knowing that the Electrical Modeling side of things is always taken care of and the process is seamless with Jigsaw Solutions. Having a company that understands and follows our processes makes the coordination process that much better. Special thanks to Jeremy Holland and all of his hard work put in. This is definitely a piece of the project that he has figured out!

  Project: Performance Theater

Brandon Dietrich

On past projects, the electrical contractors didn’t participate much in the coordination process. The past two projects I’ve worked on, Jigsaw Solutions was hired to model the electrical systems (panels, lights, conduit racks, cable tray and clearance areas). What a difference it makes having the electrical items modeled in. So many problems are solved on the front end during the coordination process. Jigsaw Solutions is very knowledgeable and easy to work with. Give them a call on your next project. You’ll be glad you did!

Project: Norton Audubon Hospital 

Bryan Logsdon
Kelles Prunty - TP Mechanical

Great company to work with. Gets work done on time for projects, and very easy to work with. Luis and Jeremy made the coordination process with electrical go very smoothly. I would definitely work with them again.

Project: Mariemont High School

Kelles Prunty
Competitively priced, and great performance. Jeremy did a wonderful job for our company by seeing the entire coordination process through to completion. We will definitely use Jigsaw Solutions in the future. 
Project: Fernway Elementary
Dustin Lentile

Working with Jeremy at Jigsaw Solutions is always a smooth experience. He takes ownership of his work, is diligent about following up on requests for information, and is a true team player in coordination efforts. I recommend Jigsaw Solutions, LLC with enthusiasm!

Project: Old Forester Distillery 

Joshua Helton

I have worked with Jeremy on several projects and always look forward to the next. They do a great job modeling things and are very attentive/responsive to clash reports. I’ve yet to see them under prepared for a meeting. Can’t recommend them enough.

Project: 80 Acres Farms

Michael Goodale
Brandon Weber- Pepper Construction

This was my first time working with Jigsaw on a project and I have to say I was quite impressed. It was great working with such a proactive firm that is comfortable taking the initiative. I look forward to working with them again on future projects.

Project: Cincinnati Zoo – Roo Valley

Brandon Weber

Do not hesitate to contact Jeremy from Jigsaw Solution for your Electrical modeling needs. From the BIM coordinator side – Jeremy gets his items modeled quickly/accurately and is knowledgeable in the BIM workflow. Jeremy and his team look ahead and provide valuable discussion during the meetings. From the other side of the coin, Jeremy fights for his clients best interest: maintaining clearance spaces for access, routing preferences and so on. Summed up in a few words; work with Jeremy and you’ll be glad you did.

Project: Norton Audubon Hospital

Braighton Coey