Jigsaw Solutions

About Us
Qualified Experience
Having been in the MEP industry since 1990 starting as a CAD Drafter, then a CAD Manager, MEP Designer, Project Coordinator. Since 2008 I have honed my skills as an Electrical Designer. During that time I’ve worked on many different projects including Healthcare, Higher Education, K-12 Schools, Industrial and Municipal projects. This experience gives me a unique perspective of the Building Information Modeling process. My variety of design industry background, coupled with the ability to collaborate with varying personalities and individuals, has equipped Jigsaw Solutions well for the BIM Coordination effort of your project.
Why “Jigsaw Solutions”?

I have been asked why I chose the name “Jigsaw Solutions”  as the business name.  When trying to explain what I do to those unfamiliar with the industry, I describe it this way:

It is similar to putting together a jigsaw puzzle. There are all these pieces of different shapes and sizes that must fit together, within a frame, to make an organized picture. Similarly, when it comes to construction, the engineer has designed many “pieces” that need to fit within the framework of a building to make all the systems (HVAC, Plumbing, Electric, Fire Protection, etc) work. That is what I do.

It has also been something that I hope makes other  “pieces” I have been trying to fit into my life come together. Now you know!

~Jeremy Holland