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BIM Coordination provides more than just “Coordination”

BIM Coordination is a great tool for many pre-construction advantages:

  • Resolving collisions prior to finding them in the field
  • Avoiding expensive RFI’s and Change Orders during construction
  • Keeping the project on schedule without lengthy work stoppage to resolve conflicts in the field

Currently on the Norton Audubon Hospital project I am providing coordinated hanger locations and ID points.  These ID points identify every coordinated rod for Cable Tray and Conduit Rack hangers as well as Pendant lights and Recessed Can lights that are being installed in hard ceilings.  All of these ID points have associated X,Y locations that can be uploaded to a Trimble robot to mark all these locations in the field as the slabs are poured.

This gives the contractor the ability to hang rods prior to any other trades being installed, having them ready to hang from once the Conduit Racks and Cable Tray are ready to be installed.  Rod lengths and unistrut lengths can then be pre-cut off-site, delivered to the project and assembled in the field.  All of this results in time savings and cost savings for you!

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