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What Does BIM Mean To You – “Leading The Way” (Part 3 of 3)

BIM Building Information Modeling

The Reaction

The project requires BIM – Bring it on!

This is the response from contractors that have seen the value of BIM.  These contractors have made the investment in BIM by hiring a leader, purchasing software, investing in the hardware, and researching more efficient and productive workflows.

The Reasoning

Contractors with this perspective recognize the advantages of BIM in their bottom line.  That journey has no doubt been a learning experience fraught with some mistakes they’ve had to work through.  In the end it has reaped rewards for the overall project.  It offers the ability of offsite prefabrication, coordinated install drawings, and making use of positioning technologies for simple onsite locating of hangers and other devices.

By using the available technologies that have been proven and stable, it makes it simpler to adopt other advances as they arrive on the scene.  It’s much easier to reach the finish line from the last lap than from the starting line.

The current challenge for contractors staffed with BIM Coordinators is balancing workload.  Not every construction project requires BIM Coordination.  Managing the workload of your BIM Coordinators can present a challenge.  Hiring additional people to handle peaks in schedule also requires the purchase of software and hardware.  Jigsaw Solutions has proven to be a good solution to assist contractors through schedule peaks.

The Solution

Hiring a qualified and experienced BIM Coordination consultant can assist contractors to even out their workloads that can be a challenge for their BIM Coordination Team.  Jigsaw Solutions can assist in many different ways, we can do any of the following:

  • Consult with your team to develop strategies or assist with in-house standards
  • Assist with the initial modeling effort of the project
  • Completely handle the project from start to finish, including coordination meeting attendance.

We can completely handle the coordination effort for your company.  Our team will work with your project manager/foreman to coordinate and provide installation drawings customized to your best practices and installation standards.  Contact us today!

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