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BIM Outsourcing helps Small to Mid-Sized Contractors Compete

I had planned on writing a blog to address this very subject, but then found it in a recent article online (Source Article).

Here are some quotes from the article that I found beneficial:

Of the various reasons responsible for low adoption, one of the prominent one is to the smaller size of construction companies and contractors with limited financial resources. This hinders their growth and ability to compete on higher levels as their capability is outright rejected and undermined as compared to the BIM users. However, Outsourcing BIM services, productivity and quality of work can be enhanced – easily.

Contractor small or large, are aware of BIM benefits, and would surely put all his resources on the line to make it available for his company. However, outsourced BIM services, the need to risk the resources and going beyond the capacity to spend seems worthless. Through BIM outsourcing companies, even a small scale contractor, low on financial budget, can avail multiple design software and technology to improve collaboration between the designers, architects and engineers. The cost effective solutions by these firms essentially help the contractor to get the benefit of technology within their budget, and thereby making them globally competitive for bidding in major projects.

When all these benefits are achieved at a higher level through BIM, a small scale contractor is all set to aim for a better place in the global construction industry.. To focus on better outcomes, a contractor should look for a better service provider equipped with latest technology and not just shift to better and latest technology.

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